If we use Black Friday* as an opportunity to buy quality products from black businesses, that in my opinion makes Black Friday black. That is affirming blackness and even Afrikanness.

If you use Black Friday as an opportunity to give money to your capitalist oppressors who line their pockets using the dopamine hits you gain from buying stuff in order to make yourself feel better due to the direct or indirect oppression they cause – then no.

This is getting simple. If you use Black Friday as an opportunity to buy things that further and affirm your wellbeing. Then yes.

So what did I buy myself around Black Friday. Yes I am human. Lol. I bought myself ancient Egyptian patterned leggings online for the gym. I’ve been looking for leggings such as these for a long time. Did I buy them because of the hype about Black Friday? Hell no! I bought them as they affirm the greatness I came from, I just happened to see them.

Yes I bought, but I also produced. I reduced the price on ‘Know Thy Self – Adinkra Cards’. Was this a Black Friday promotion? Hell no. I’m getting bookings already to speak at Kwanzaa, so I’m in Kwanzaa preparation mode and for those outside the UK early posting is advised. This is a pre-Kwanzaa promotion.

KKK Kambon advised black people of the problems of materialistic orientation. When you can afford to be materialistic do so. But don’t go broke trying to look good. Or buy things to look good at the expense of buying things to spiritually develop your self. I use my ‘Know Thy Self – Adinkra Cards’ each morning as an affirmation tool.


Yes I engage with consumerism, but I’m not controlled by it. I also engage as a producer to pass on a legacy, not only as a consumer. For those who can only buy, it can be a loosing game. If you also produce (or think of products you can produce), Black Friday is a win-win and can be whatever you make it. As long as I’m affirming the best of African culture and thought as a template for wellness and transformation (betterment), I’m happy.

So you can call it ‘any colour you like Friday’. It isn’t ‘black’ by associating black with derogatory events if you make sure you don’t go broke! Further still if you spiritually affirm yourself.

When black people are winning it’s time to drop the beat. We no longer have to dance to the drum of our former colonisers but create our own drum and own beat. If we buy spiritually uplifting black products on Black Friday we inoculate, protect and advance ourselves 👍🏿


Dr Erica Mapule McInnis. 23 November 2018.

*Black Friday is the day after the USA holiday Thanksgiving and known for mass purchases of products due to mass promotion.

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