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Welcome To Nubia Wellness and Healing

We Specialise in African Centred approaches (Black Psychology) to improving emotional well-being in adults and children.

What is healing?

‘Healing is the work of inspiration not manipulation’.



‘If we healers are to do the work of helping to bring our people together again, we need to know such work is the work of the community.  The work of healers is the work for inspirers working along and steadily, a group that grows over the generations, till there are inspirers, healers wherever our people are scattered, able to bring us together again.’
Ayi Kwei Armah
The Healer (1979).

What is an African Centred Approach

This is an approach to therapeutic healing which realises people of high or higher skin pigmentation (originating in Africa) are significantly different to those of low skin pigmentation (more recently originating in Europe) in terms of:

  • the effects on the body, mind and spirit of the properties of the chemical Eu-melanin (which causes dark skin pigmentation found in the Afrikan diaspora)
  • definition of a well functioning Afrikan personality (opposed to sub-optimal functioning)
  • how society responds to Eu-melanin (people of high skin pigmentation)
  • origin
  • spirituality
  • often hidden knowledge of self
  • culture and
  • political/ economic status.

It begs the question, can we fully solve our problems using the same concepts which placed us there?

Are you looking for wellness and healing to build resilience to everyday pressures?
Are you looking for psychological therapies informed by the healing spirituality of Ancient Egypt. Do you need some recovery from the ongoing legacy of the trans-Atlantic slave trade?  This is ‘Recovering from
Enslavement And Colonisation Trauma’ (REACT).  If so read on.

What We Do


We offer psychological therapy and analysis to understand emotional and behavioural problems to illuminate the spirit of wellness


We specialise in conference presentations, lectures and workshops on African centred psychotherapy for all. We also offer African centred training courses specifically for healers of African descent.


An efficient and highly professional consultancy service teaching cultural competency from an African centred perspective

African Centred


Quality Workshops For Groups and Individuals
Dr Erica MicInnis, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Introduction To African Psychology

This workshop dives deep into the concept of ones self. We examine the root of limiting paradigms imposed on Africans by contemporary and European culture and look at how feelings of inferiority, co-dependency, depression, stress, dis-ease, addiction are manufactured by structural racism and the state,

The African Concept of Self

Experiential workshop which uses African inspired concepts to understand experiences of Black people (people of African origin).

Healing and Transformation

The psychological and spiritual structure of continental and diaspora Africans is unique. This leads us to question if Eurocentric healing therapies are adequate to address their legacy of trauma and other factors. This workshop explores whether African people should rely on Eurocentric therapies for their own healing.  It introduces models and techniques based on the best of African culture for transformation to the best version of ‘you’.

What workshop participants say

Just some of the comments from previous attendees

“I thought there was a great balance between the application of theory in a professional setting, but also how this could be used for personal development. It was also a very open, warm and welcoming event. I also liked the originality of the context, I had never heard of those theories and models and I felt like I had learned valuable new material”.

Course Attendee, Manchester

“I enjoyed the Adinkra Symbols activity the most, and also the Libations and spending a day with like minded proactive brothers and sisters.
I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you Erica, so much has been learned and it’s just a scratch of the surface. Please keep me informed of future events. Blessings and ancestral guidance for your future endeavours! ” Trainee Psychotherapist

“Many thanks Erica, and particularly for your passion and enthusiasm and commitment, which is so desperately needed within the context of Black psychologists in the UK.” Clinical Psychologist

What participants in therapy say

Just one of the comments from a client

I know beginning therapy has many uncertainties that come with it, but beginning the process, has proved useful, as It has allowed me to tap into areas that I had not identified with previously, and to take a different perspective on things that has been a barrier for me. These new found perspectives, have given me the opportunity to take action, with new found approaches. For me this involved taking a deeper look at how my time is structured and the way i think about the world around me. 

As it has only been a few session, I cannot say with enough evidence what has been unhelpful, but from what I have experienced, I would indeed recommend it. For each of us go through things which originates in our heads that can blurs the whole picture of what we are experiencing, therefore this is where therapy can play its part”. 

Therapy Client

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